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Where were you in '68?

In 1968. The Rolling Stones were at number one in the charts with 'Jumpin' Jack Flash', The Beatles had just released the notable 'White Album' and a new 3 bedroom house cost just £4,000. In 1968 the smallest computer in the world was bigger than your bedroom! How things have changed since then. You can now fit a computer in your pocket, we are in The Interactive Age, The Digital Revolution - so why not take a ride with us down the information highway to a virtual town called Funkyfogey, where the shops never shut, where the roads are free of traffic, where the sun always shines, welcome to the strawberry flavoured website, (OK, OK, I know we're getting carried away).
Funkyfogey is an online community, where you can shop, meet new friends, book theatre tickets and check the ever-changing weather.
The friendly face of Funkyfogey is based on a small town, the buildings in the town are access points to different categories such as finance, sport and leisure and the community centre.
In the High Street you will find major retailers offering exciting offers, alongside smaller unique independent shops. Also, something to watch out for is the Funkyfoey aeroplane towing a banner in the sky with special offers and messages.

Get going
There is a simple registration form to fill in, it will only take a minute. This is so we know who is using Funkyfogey and to track usage so we can improve our service to you. We give you an account, this has your name and password linked to it. This detail will be stored safely and used whenever you want to buy a product from Funkyfogey. Also, we will be able to identify you as a Funkyfogey member which will enable us to offer you special discounted offers. Funkyfogey is registered with the Data Protection agency.

Personalise your Study
As a member you will benefit from special offers throughout the site. You will also receive a Study which you can personalise to reflect your interests and hobbies. For instance, say you are interested in books, you select this from a drop-down menu, and a book icon appears in your study. This icon becomes your direct link to the book sections. You can also change the colour of your carpet and walls.
The study has other useful items such as an interactive diary, an internal e-mail messaging service and a three-drawer filing cabinet stuffed full of useful information.

The fraud myth
The internet can take some of the hard work out of shopping, a massive 10 million people in the UK thought so as well by spending £949 million in three weeks via the web last christmas. But for some the possibility of credit card fraud is still an issue. The most common way to pay for goods over the web is by credit card, which is why Funkyfogey uses the merchant services of HSBC Bank for card processing, and the secure server of SECPay which encrypts your credit card details so nobody else can see them. We feel the risk is the same as speaking your credit card number over the phone or handing your card to a waiter in a restaurant, in fact Funkyfogey is probably more secure, when you come to think about it. But, if the unthinkable did happen, under current law the most you can lose from credit card fraud is £50, and Funkyfogey guarantees to pay you this back - so you can't lose.

Community Forum
Here’s where you can join in the community either by putting up a notice, taking part in a discussion or just have a look around. Whatever you choose to write the only rule is that you show good manners to the rest of the community. Anything libellous or rude will not get past our editors. So enjoy! You can log on now by going to www.funkyfogey.com the best address on the web. So what are you waiting for? Step right up!

Generous Discounts

You’ll find some great shops on Funkyfogey. These shops were chosen for their quality products and a willingness to offer special deals for our residents. They include:
  • Air France
  • Argos
  • Avon
  • Bensons World
  • BOL
  • Boots
  • Brandfind
  • BUPA
  • Corus & Regal Hotels
  • Cotswold Outdoor
  • Cottages4You
  • Crocus
  • Currys
  • Debenhams
  • Dell
  • Dial4aloan
  • Dvd’s on Tap
  • Eagle Star
  • Figleaves
  • Fishit
  • Institute of Cancer Research
  • Interflora
  • John Lewis
  • Lunnpoly
  • Lunnpoly
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Memorise This
  • Mgender
  • Musicroom
  • Oddbins
  • Opodo
  • PC World
  • Pressie
  • Prince Sports
  • Qjump
  • Virgin Wines
  • WH Smith
  • Wineshare

All Funkyfogey residents receive a study. You can customise your study environment to suit your interests.
Town Plan – you will find all you need on your virtual doorstep, or just around the corner.
Great shopping is right up your street, gifts, food, and more – all can be delivered wherever you like, without ever leaving your home.
It’s all at your fingertips – another useful ‘tool’ in your study is the filing cabinet, which contains carefully selected information, that just about covers everything. You’ll find stock prices, what’s on TV, to All things left handed. And that’s just for starters.
The Meeting Place – Funkyfogey is a community of thoughtful, respectful, and inquisitive people who want to hear from you. Join in the many forums and discussions.
A great selection of wines online. Budding experts can gen up on wine growing areas and find out how to set up a wine cellar
The Sport & Leisure Centre will bowl you over!
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